Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, has expanded its line of PowerMax™ power distribution units (PDUs) in the Middle East to include a full range of intelligent PDUs. The new intelligent PDUs deliver real-time power information with varying degrees of intelligent functionality to help reduce energy costs, prevent downtime and improve power usage effectiveness (PUE).

Available in both single phase and three phase power for efficiently powering active equipment in the data centre, PowerMax intelligent PDUs feature a single input in a variety of currents and voltages with either NEMA or IEC style plug. Multiple output options are available to distribute reliable 120V, 208V or 230V to rack mounted IT equipment, ranging from 1.8kW to 22kW.

Using an embedded web-based intuitive interface, the intelligent PDUs monitor and communicate power usage and environmental information. This helps data centre managers manage and optimise power capacity, make informed decisions regarding density and consolidation and identify and prevent potential problems such as high and erratic power consumption, underutilised equipment and other critical situations including overcooling or overloading.

The PDUs are available in different versions, including monitored for device-level monitoring, smart for outlet-level monitoring, switched for individual outlet control, and managed for both individual outlet control and individual outlet monitoring. PowerMax intelligent PDUs offer several advanced features such as IP address sharing that allows up to four intelligent PDUs to share a single IP address in a master-slave hierarchy, an integrated USB port for connection to the wireless network or for software upgrades, and sensor ports for monitoring temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions at the cabinet level.

“Whilst distributing reliable power to IT equipment is a top concern among network and data centre managers, there is also a diverse set of challenges when it comes to making a data centre more efficient and environmentally sound,” says Alberto Zucchinali, data centre solutions and services manager at Siemon EMEA. “We are very excited about the addition of intelligent PDUs to our PowerMax line that now offers different solutions for different requirements, whether it’s simply distributing reliable cost-effective power via our basic and metered PDUs, or collecting detailed power usage through outlet-level monitoring or the ability to restart or shut down specific equipment with outlet-level control via intelligent PDUs.”

Available in both horizontal and vertical styles, all PowerMax PDUs have industry leading accuracy of ±1% and feature highly robust construction with soldered connections for maximum reliability. Horizontal PDUs mount easily in any standard 482.6 mm (19 in.) rack, whilst vertical PDUs are ideal for mounting within a cabinet’s vertical Zero-U space, such as the Zero-U space offered with Siemon VersaPOD® and V800™ cabinets.

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