• Delivery, installation and commissioning of 13 SWT-3.2-101 for Eurus Higashi Yurihara wind power plant
  • 5-year service contract

Siemens has secured its third wind power order from Japan’s largest wind power developer, Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation headquartered in Tokyo. For the 41.6 megawatt Eurus Higashi Yurihara wind power plant, developed in Yurihonjo city – located in the north of the mainland Honshu – Siemens will provide 13 direct drive wind turbines of the type SWT-3.2-101 rated at 3.2 megawatts each. Commercial operation of the wind farm is scheduled for spring 2018. The order also includes a five year service and maintenance agreement.

Siemens will provide 13 direct drive wind turbines each with a rotor diameter of 101 meters and a rating of 3.2 MW for the project Higashi Yurihara located in north of the Japanese main island of Honshu.

“We are pleased to continue our successful collaboration with Eurus Energy and to provide again our direct-drive technology to the Japanese wind market,” said Thomas Richterich, CEO Onshore at Siemens Wind Power and Renewables Division. “Japan’s energy market is experiencing a liberalization of electricity retailing and the outlook for future wind power business is very promising. We will continue to provide cutting edge technology for highly efficient wind projects to further contribute to the growing renewables share in the Japanese energy mix.”

Since 1999 Siemens has installed a total of 200 MW in Japan, receiving its first orders for direct drive wind turbines in 2013 for the Eurus Akita Port wind farm. The company also supplied the Eurus Yurikogen wind power plant with 17 direct drive wind turbines of the type SWT-3.0-101. Both projects are already in commercial operation.

For further information on Division Wind Power and Renewables, please see: www.siemens.com/wind