icotek introduces new shield clamp LF2Z-M | MSKL

The new LF2ZM from icotek has a double strain relief and complies with the PROFINET installation guidelines.

Using icotek shield clamps, the strain relief is carried out via the cable jacket and not via the sensitive and exposed shield braid. The PROFINET cable is fixed before and after the shielding to ensure protection against bending and kinking. This is especially important when the cable is exposed to movement.

Constant pressure on the cable screen eliminates the need to readjust the spring pressure. The shield clamp is vibration-proof and maintenance-free. The LF2Z-M | MSKL is offered with a M4 connection. For mounting purposes, the screws connected to the ground potential are used.

Due to their special geometry, the clamping areas of the shield clamp are very large. With a total length of 51 mm, the LF2Z-M / MSKL requires very little space and can be used flexibly. The slim and space-saving design is retained even when fully equipped. The width and height are comparatively low (eg. LF2ZM | MSKL 3-12 with 12 mm cable shield inserted: width 26.25 mm). The LF2ZM is available for screen diameters of 3-12 or 8-18mm.

Further mounting variants are available.

The LF2ZM is available now. Free samples are available directly from the manufacturer. https://www.icotek.com/en/profinet/

Source: https://www.icotek.com/en-uk/
Image source: icotek

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