SACO AEI Compounds Ltd. UK, a division of the North American SACO Polymers Group of companies,  exhibited at the second Wire South America, International Wire and Cable Fair, which was held at  Exposições Imigrantes centre in São Paulo, Brazil  from  4  – 6  October 2015.

Strong interest was shown in SACO AEI’s range of specialty HFFR compound solutions formulated for PV-Solar, Oil-Resistance, Marine/OPG, Circuit Integrity, and ESCR-Crack Resistant applications.  Many of the visitors from specialty cable makers who visited our booth expressed interest in our latest compound developments:   SX-0650, which meets the latest second generation EN specification for PV solar cables; SX-0606, a moisture-curable solution to meet stringent NEK 606 carbo-sea mud and oil resistance requirements;  TP-0851, a ceramifiable circuit integrity cable sheathing compound;  and TP-521, a high performance crack resistant compound.  These specialty solutions from SACO AEI Compounds were a strong draw to the booth, generating new business inquiries in Brazil and across South America.

We were especially pleased to be exhibiting with Mixer Compounds SpA, a global leader in CV-line curable rubber based HFFR bedding and sheathing compounds for Automotive, OPG and the MV power cable applications.  Both SACO AEI Compounds and Mixer Compounds service a strong and growing customer base of leading cable manufacturers across South America.

Wire South America 2015 was an unqualified success as measured by the number of inquiries for our thermoplastic, and moisture cure crosslinkable HFFR compounds.  Our business strategy to expand our presence in South America with products and application support to meet the needs of our customers who require cost-effective high-performance solutions is generating much success.

SACO AEI Compounds will exhibit at the forthcoming Wire 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany from 4-8 April 2016.  Meet us at Hall 11, Stand E42.