Roxtec UK has delivered a fire proof cable seal solution for one of the UK’s largest chemical manufacturing plants.

Roxtec secured the contract with BASF bio-acrylamide chemical plant, in Bradford, which produces raw materials for the water, oilfield and mining industries. Roxtec UK managing director Graham O’Hare said the firm helped design a structural frame and sealing solution for cables entering the new electrical rooms in order to protect the equipment.

BASF’s West Yorkshire site is one of the largest and most productive single site chemical plants in the UK, with an annual output of more than 250,000 tonnes, of which 84 per cent is exported.

“This project highlights our bespoke design capability,” said Mr O’Hare. “This involved a structural frame bolted into concrete, and standard Roxtec products modified to seal power and earth cables entering the cable pit and motor control centres (MCC) on site

“It was critical that we provided BASF with a robust and reliable sealing solution to protect the new control equipment. In heavy manufacturing environments like this control equipment is sensitive to dust, humidity and EMI (electromagnetic interference). Our certified solutions provide protection against multiple hazards. The BASF system was specifically designed to deliver passive fire and ingress protection. It has a 60-minute fire integrity rating. The system is future proof with 50pc spare capacity.

“Another key feature of our cable seal module is the removable layer design. This enables engineers to manipulate the size of the seal and cater for a large volume of cables, of varying sizes.”

Mr O’Hare said during the planning phase design engineers were also able to deploy the innovative Roxtec Transit Designer computer software.

“This is our free design software and is the most innovative of its kind on the market,” he said. “It is a highly effective tool for engineers wanting to save time. It enabled the BASF team to produce detailed drawings of cable and pipe penetrations which make the installation process faster.”

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