Roxtec has supplied a package of innovative cable sealing solutions to Irish Distillers Group to support an expansion of the company’s warehousing facilities.

Ronan Mills, Roxtec Market Manager for Ireland, said the firm’s products were chosen to provide watertight and fireproof seals at cable entry points to the whiskey maker’s new maturation warehouses in Dungourney, County Cork.

Irish Distillers produces a range of market-leading whiskeys at its nearby Midleton Distillery, including Jameson, Paddy and Powers Gold Label. Increased output at the site has led to the need for additional maturation warehousing.

Mr Mills said: “Irish Distillers can build three to five of these storage facilities every year in order to let newly distilled whiskies mature for varying lengths of time, depending on their type. Roxtec’s role involved supplying the company on a continual basis with transits for sealing cables entering these warehouses.

“Maturation and storage facilities are designed to hold a considerable amount of flammable alcohol, so it was essential to use cable sealing solutions that offer protection against fire and the risk of explosion. Roxtec’s R frames and GH frames with sealing modules are fire rated, airtight and watertight – ideal for protecting employees, stock and buildings against unforeseen circumstances, as well as ongoing problems such as weathering.”

Renowned for their durability, reliability and flexibility, Roxtec’s pipe and cable seals are used across the world to protect people and assets from hazards including fire, flooding, the risk of explosion and electromagnetic disturbances. The company’s products are found on land, at sea and underground, and are employed extensively within the manufacturing, power, marine, process and infrastructure industries.

Mr Mills continued: “While ensuring protection against key risks was a major consideration for Irish Distillers, the company also required a sealing solution that was flexible enough to handle future increases in capacity. As a result, we built at least 20 per cent spare capacity into the transits to allow for time and cost-effective upgrades in years to come.”

Image source: Courtesy of Roxtec

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