The leading industry trade show once again attracted an impressive audience from all over the world. The diverse product range showcased at the Rosendahl Nextrom booth generated significant interest among cable manufacturers.

Rosendahl Nextrom focused on balancing quality, productivity, and production sustainability this year. This theme resonated with many visitors. Interactive and creatively staged exhibits engaged visitors and sparked discussions. The company was overwhelmed by the positive response and engagement from the audience.

Hairpin insulation with PEEK drew attention

Rosendahl’s 1st industry-ready extrusion line for hairpin insulation attracted numerous interested parties seeking to learn more about this pioneering technology. Compared to the enamel process, extrusion offers many advantages for the process, for product quality and the environment.

Power cables: sustainable solutions on the rise

The industry increasingly favours solutions that emphasise sustainability and energy efficiency. Many cable producers are looking for a way to streamline the medium-voltage insulation process. Rosendahl Nextrom noted a growing interest in its MV insulation solution featuring polypropylene.

The company’s versatile metal shielding solution for high-voltage cables also gained considerable attention. Expanding renewable energy infrastructure and meeting climate goals are priorities in many countries around the globe. Having a provider who can serve all key processes, including the corresponding know-how, is a clear benefit for manufacturers.

Artificial Intelligence delivers real-world results

There is always room for improvement. Machine learning, AI, and intelligent solutions are included in our RIO line control and are here to help with daily production challenges. Visitors explored the capabilities of Rosendahl’s RIO line control through interactive modules. Notable highlights included the integration of Artificial Intelligence into process control, the new maintenance management system and the ESG CO2 footprint module.

“Overall, we are very happy with the show’s outcome and the industry’s response to our manufacturing solutions”, says marketing manager Bianca Kranz.

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Image source: Courtesy of Rosendahl Nextrom

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