The Rosendahl brand is further expanding its core competency by appointing Marc Richling as Director of Extrusion Technology.

For Rosendahl, a front-runner in providing manufacturing solutions for the cable and wire industry, extrusion has always been a cornerstone of their expertise. Now, their commitment to excellence has reached a new level with Marc Richling as the new Director of Extrusion Technology.

Marc has been with Rosendahl Nextrom for two decades. During this time, he has established a reputation as a leading expert and significantly contributed to the company’s success. In his new role, he oversees a team of experts in process engineering and R&D, making him the go-to person for any and everything related to extrusion.

Nurturing emerging talent

Over the years, Rosendahl has evolved from an equipment supplier to a solution provider. Thanks to this transformation, the company nowadays delivers complete manufacturing processes from start to finish, including training for customers and operators.

When asked about his plans, Marc emphasises: “Extrusion is already a niche within the field of polymer science, and cable extrusion is a niche within that niche. Expertise in extrusion isn’t readily available on the market. It is still partly an empirical science where experimenting is essential. While simulations, machine learning or artificial intelligence can streamline certain processes, the real magic happens on the factory floor. Therefore, the cultivation of emerging talents and the growth of in-house expertise are very important to us.”

As a result, Marc will increase the number of in-house experts dedicated to extrusion development. Additionally, he plans to collaborate with nearby universities and encourage and support more research on this subject.

R&D work never stops

Looking ahead, the future of extrusion technology presents exciting challenges for Marc and his team. Shrinking product sizes, ever-thinner wall thicknesses, and increasing speed lead to narrower process windows. Recipes are constantly changing. Environmental regulations are driving material substitutions, and sustainable alternatives such as biopolymers are gaining momentum.

“As a solution provider, we proactively address these shifts by offering advanced processes to our customers,” says Director Marc Richling, underlining the importance of research and development in order to stay on top of the game.

With Marc’s distinct contribution, one of Rosendahl’s most recent success stories is the world’s first turnkey extrusion line for hairpin insulation. During this project, he was responsible for mastering a high-end extrusion process by applying high-performance plastics with exceptional adhesion and mechanical resistance to rectangular conductors. The international interest in this brand-new solution is high. New developments are already in the works.

About Marc Richling

Marc Richling studied polymer science and technology at the Montanuniversität Leoben. This set the stage for his career. From 2003 onwards, he collaborated with Rosendahl Nextrom for his studies. During his research, he played a key role in developing the RX25 liquid-temperature crosshead for foaming. He did not just theorise; he conducted practical tests and simulations to refine the technology. It soon became clear that he would continue his professional career at Rosendahl Nextrom. After graduating in 2009, he joined the company for good. Since then, he has been working in process engineering as well as in research and development, always focusing on extrusion technology. His vast experience in this field made him the perfect fit for the new executive position of Extrusion Director he assumed in July 2023.

Image source: Courtesy of Rosendahl Nextrom

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