New Easy Line product range expands the patch cord program / Improved reliability through sophisticated shielding and Insulation Displacement Contact technology

Wetzikon, November 3, 2015. R&M, the global Swiss developer and supplier of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, is expanding its range of RJ45 patch cords for LAN environments. The new addition to the program is the Easy Line (EL) series of unshielded and shielded copper cables in four lengths: one, two, three, and five meters. R&M offers the EL patch cords, which are available worldwide ex warehouse, in seven colors. These patch cords are ideal for use as basic equipment that complies with valid standards in generic cabling systems for office, commercial, and residential buildings in applications up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Cables and connectors are manufactured at plants around the world in accordance with design and quality criteria defined at R&M headquarters in Switzerland. The products undergo 100% individual component testing in accordance with R&M specifications and conform to the parameters in their respective ISO standards. Among other things, they are tested to ensure they achieve the transmission values for the Cat. 6 and Cat. 6A categories. In addition, all cords are labeled with their length, category, cable type, and item number.

R&M continues to offer an advanced range of customizable products for applications in data centers, office buildings, event venues, and industrial plants. This higher-performance patch cord program supports all categories from Cat. 5e to Cat. 6A ISO and can be used more flexibly as well. Length, wire design, shield termination and cable types as well as cable jacket labeling can all be individually configured. In addition to the base color of gray, cable jackets in several different colors are available on request.

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The distinguishing features of the R&M patch cord assortment include the sophisticated shielding technology they employ and the precision manufacturing processes used to produce them. The patch cord design also stands out through a high level of crosstalk reserves. The shield termination is 360° around the cord and contacts every strand of the braided shield. This ensures complete protection against electromagnetic interference. The largest possible separation of conductors in the connector bodies help minimize crosstalk. The position of the contacts remain constant regardless of which type of conductor and wire cross-section is terminated. The assembly procedure is designed to ensure that there is no movement of, or damage to, the gold plated contacts during crimping.

The Insulation Displacement Contact technology developed by R&M ensures robust wire termination and consistently low contact resistance. The repeatable wire positioning without pair splitting in the plastic body also ensure that NEXT reserves remain permanently high and stable. The strain relief with separate anti-kinck boot is crimped around the cable and can withstand a tensile force in excess of 200 N. Plastic ridges prevent the cable jacket from being buckled or crushed in the bending radius.

Additional protection for the connections is provided by the security system developed by R&M. Here, color coding, mechanical coding, and locking systems form the building blocks of a three-stage system. All components can be retrofitted to the patch cords. Also elastic sleeves that keep dust and moisture out of the connections can be used. These sleeves meet the requirements of the IP 54 protection index. In addition, all patch cords can be retrofitted with RFID chips from the R&MinteliPhy monitoring system. These chips are part of the automated infrastructure management system.

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