Medium Voltage Laboratory Opening Ceremony held in Dubai, UAE

A major milestone was achieved for BASEC Middle East when the construction and engineering phase of the Medium Voltage project was officially completed and fully operational. On the 7th of March, staff, customers and stakeholders celebrated the completion of the new laboratory with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to officially launch our state-of-the-art facility alongside the Middle East Energy exhibition in Dubai. 

The evening started with words from Tony Lioveri, the CEO, welcoming our guests and commenting: “We started the BASEC journey 52 years ago and for the past 5 years internationalising the business, from a UK-centric business to a global business. We began expanding internationally with our commercial, technical and marketing teams. Two years ago, we started the journey to develop a brand new testing facility in Dubai to extend our reach and move closer to our customers in a strategically important region. The low voltage lab was launched in September 2021, and the Medium Voltage lab in November 2022. Thanks to all the BASEC staff who were involved in the project and worked tirelessly to make it a success, with special thanks to Jaya Kadachi, the laboratory manager and Akram Abdelwahab, group technical manager.”

This was followed by Mark Froggatt, BASEC Technical Director, who went on to say: “I would like to reiterate Tony’s words and thank everyone for attending the event and Simon Cathrine, Director of WME Global By EGIS, our guest, for attending and cutting the ribbon. As Tony has mentioned, a lot has changed for BASEC over the few years, enabling us to develop a global footprint by opening this medium voltage facility marks a huge step in growing the business and enhancing the service offering. From this facility, we can carry out many different mechanical, electrical, chemical and fire tests. This enables BASEC to offer peace of mind across the supply chain with the confidence that the cables we certify are compliant with the requirements of the standards. From testing the mechanical properties of insulation and sheathing compound tests that measure the tensile strength elongations break, before and after a variety of different thermal and chemical ageing process tests, we measure the high-temperature test, and then we measure low temperature. Tests to ensure there is enough copper in the cable. We have also developed some chemical analysis tests to ensure the materials manufacturers use and supply for type testing are the materials they put to market. In general, what we have here in Dubai and the Milton Keynes, UK facility enables BASEC to ensure the utmost quality in the cable market. In our confidence in offering services that encapsulate a variety of electrification control, data transmission and distribution cable over various cables, including renewable technologies such as photovoltaic electric vehicles and wind power.”                 

The speeches finished with a few words from Simon Cathrine, Director of WME Global By EGIS: “Distinguished guests and fellow engineers, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of BASEC I am very excited. Thank you for attending this celebration and opening of the new MV laboratory and testing facility. As an independent consultant specifier, it is important that we rely on independent and accredited certified bodies such as BASEC to make sure that products such as cables are specified, codes, standards and regulations in terms of performance and safety are adhered to, and this new state of the art facility will do just that. It will also increase the testing capability of BASEC across the region as an accredited independent certifier and the first specialised cable testing laboratory in the Middle East and North Africa. This is a huge investment in both technology and financial investment by BASEC and the capability for the region and Dubai, and it’s a great honour to invite you all to celebrate this moment. So distinguished guests and fellow engineers, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, please join me in wishing BASEC every success for the future.”  

Simon cut the ribbon, and guests were led through a building tour with our dedicated teams of technical experts, stopping to view the market-leading lab equipment to improve the low and medium-voltage lab offering.

Image source: Courtesy of BASEC

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