At the 5th Annual Canadian Wireless Trade Show (Toronto Congress Center Canada, Booth #417), RFS will showcase a variety of its end-to-end infrastructure solutions, including:

•    Low-inductance HYBRIFLEX cables that feature special wiring to reduce overall cable inductance, solving the problem of Remote Radio Head (RRH) power-cycling during peak traffic hours due to voltage swings. HYBRIFLEX combines optical fiber and DC power in a single corrugated cable, which makes it faster, easier and more cost-effective to install than bringing both traditional optical fiber and DC power to the antenna.

•    New Transparent Antennas that blend into any environment, easing site approvals and lease renewals. RFS’ lightweight, low-profile transparent antennas can be used for indoor and outdoor applications in 3G or LTE bands. The first model transmits on a 1.7 GHz to 2.7 GHz range to achieve an optimum performance. RFS will introduce additional versions in the near future, including transparent antennas that can be deployed within existing, indoor fixtures such as exit signage.
•    RF X-TREME family of ultra-broadband antennas, which facilitate triple-band site upgrades for reduced cell interference in high traffic areas. BLL RF X-TREME antennas can be used for multiple bands such as LTE 700, LTE 800, Digital Dividend 2, CDMA, GSM, DCS, UMTS and LTE 2.6. With the RF X-TREME portfolio, RFS provides the capacity of three full-band antennas by orienting them side by side to achieve high gain and optimal performance in a single package.
•    New jumper cables equipped with next-generation connectors, based on the 4.3-10 interface standard. These new cables leverage RFS innovations in Passive Intermodulation (PIM) and cable corrugation to deliver the highest voltage standing wave ratio (VSR) and PIM performance available in jumper cables with similar connectors.

•    RFS Harsh Areas Line Microwave Antennas, designed for marine environments, off-shore locations, industrial and highly corrosive locations, volcanic areas, tropical climates, and mountaintops with severe wind, ice and snow conditions. RFS Harsh Areas Line Microwave Antennas are available in frequencies ranging from 3.6 GHz to 26.5 GHz with support for a wideband frequency range (7.125-8.5) to reduce antenna requirements and simplify logistics.

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