Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, has announced the opening of a fully-automated production line for jumper cables in Hannover, Germany to elevate customer benefits to the next level. The automated line will support faster delivery, increased cost-efficiency, and a reproducible process that speeds production and preserves RFS’ venerated, high quality standards.

RFS has a long history of successful technological innovations, starting with the invention of seam welded, corrugated coaxial cables. Today, the company’s line of factory-fit jumper cables are field proven and widely regarded as the backbone of wireless antenna systems. RFS jumper cables are setting standards globally, thanks to a fully industrialized manufacturing process during which purpose-built connector parts are soldered onto RFS’ state-of-the-art foam dielectric coaxial cables. RFS’ well-controlled process achieves excellent product quality across the whole chain, further validated by 100% final testing and outstanding customer feedback.

The new Hannover production line adds a high level of automatization to the process, increasing throughput and capacity without sacrificing any of the quality criteria that RFS is known for. High-performance RF jumpers made of RFS’ low loss LCF or RFS’ superflexible SCF half-inch cables will be produced on the new line as complete assemblies (including both cable and connectors). They will go through the same rigorous testing process as all RFS products for quality assurance.

“In addition to our RF jumper lines in China, USA and Brazil, the new fully-automated production line in Germany will substantially increase RFS’ overall manufacturing capacity,” said David Kiesling, Cable Business Unit Leader at RFS. “It strengthens our ability to meet worldwide RFS customers’ high-volume and time-sensitive jumper requests, quickly and cost-effectively.”

The investment in the new line reflects RFS’ commitment to delivering the high-quality products its customers need, when they need them, at the right price. Repeatability is enhanced with automation ─ underlining RFS’ ability to deliver accuracy, commitment and continuous improvement of its products, quickly and efficiently. Locating the new line in Hannover facilitates faster delivery with lower shipping costs to RFS’ Pan-European customer base, while preserving the company’s ability to continue providing its field-tested, highly-regarded jumper products.

“This investment in RFS’ manufacturing capacity allows us to meet our customers’ needs more quickly and addresses the high demand for RFS’ jumper cables,” said Jacques Schaffnit, RFS president. “Instead of farming this production work out of Europe to countries with lower manufacturing costs, we invested in our own manufacturing capabilities at home – close to our customers. Here, we know we can maintain the integrity of our best-in-class jumper with all its highly valued features preserved.”