Meriden, CT (United States), March 8, 2016Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, is expanding its domestically-manufactured radiating cable product offerings. Not only is this intended to provide faster delivery for North American customers, the Meriden, Connecticut headquarters’ increased offering will include unique, patented radiating construction for evolving markets and growing customer demands.

RFS is widely recognized as a leader in the radiating cable industry for its patented technology which provides superior coverage and functionality. RFS’ smooth-walled radiating cables are already manufactured globally and will soon also be made in Meriden. Offering domestic production of RFS’ comprehensive radiating cable line will reduce lead time and freight and permit smaller order quantities for North American customers, while maintaining global high quality standards.

By duplicating some of the unique features in the existing production lines in the Hannover, Germany facility, the Meriden facility will begin manufacturing the 1-5/8” RLK and RLKU series of radiating cables first, utilizing both existing and new equipment investments. A similar expansion has been successfully carried out in China and speaks to the quality of the global engineering and industrialization efforts across RFS globally.

“We’re excited to continue to add to the pre-existing family of RFS radiating cable products to the America facility,” said Eileen Januszkiewicz, Regional Product Manager Transmission Lines, RFS. “We’ve made a big investment in our domestic manufacturing to better serve the North American markets, support the Buy America Act initiative, and meet market and customer demands with future-proof system solutions close to home, as we strive to do worldwide.”

RFS’ RADIAFLEX® radiating cables are designed to deliver contoured RF coverage. RADIAFLEX radiating cables act as distributed antennas, allowing operators to scale and tailor RF coverage in even the most challenging confined spaces such as metro, rail and road tunnels and indoor environments. Their flexibility makes them easy to install and low PIM connectors are available to complement the cables.

The RADIAFLEX suite of radiating cables feature RFS’ patented “higher order mode suppression technique” that allows RFS to offer cables that support current and future in-tunnel and in-building commercial and private radio services from 698 MHz to 2700 MHz for valuable cost savings. As a result of this patented higher mode suppression, selected RADIAFLEX cables have no stop band from 698-2700 MHz. RFS is the only company on the market with the intellectual property and leading-edge technology to suppress stop bands in radiating cables.

RADIAFLEX cables are future-proof with respect to RF spectrum re-banding / re-farming, and ensure low insertion loss and excellent coupling performance. RADIAFLEX cables support all major services from 75 MHz to 6 GHz, making them optimally suited for multi-operator and multi-band applications. RFS also has experts in Meriden offering technical support and training.