Meriden, CT (United States), Date – Radio Frequency Systems(RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, introduces the industry’s first Hybrid Connector System (HCS) for Fiber-to-the-Antenna (FTTA) applications, expanding its portfolio of connector options to suit any site architecture. The new product offers the ultimate plug-and-play solution for FTTA deployments by combining fiber optic and power leads within the same robust, outdoor-rated enclosure to enable a faster, more reliable deployment.

Designed for use with RFS’ HYBRIFLEX® hybrid cables, the HCS offers a plug-and-play “coax-like” solution for FTTA similar to what a traditional coaxial cable solution does for RF systems, and is the only hybrid connector on the market, combining DC power and fiber optics in one connector. Traditional solutions have the DC going straight to the RRH and the fiber breakout being handled separately at the top of the tower. With the HCS only one connection point is needed between the riser cable the jumper cable, both featuring an HCS interface. This single connection point reduces installation time and expense, and drastically reduces the chances of fiber contamination in the field from dirt and other outside elements, offering a very reliable solution. The use of HCS greatly increases the system reliability, since the contents (fiber and DC) are protected by RFS’ robust aluminum armor that goes straight into the back of the HCS, thus eliminating chances of damage at the top of the tower – a recurring (and expensive) issue with FTTA deployments.

FTTA site architectures are growing more complex and variable as operators adapt to meet escalating network demand. As a fiber connectivity leader, RFS leverages deep experience and understanding of all network architectures to develop innovative product solutions meeting their different requirements. RFS’ HYBRIFLEX solution ─ the world’s first hybrid feeder cabling solution for RRH ─ can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs, and built with extra fiber capacity for future scalability and expansion.

RFS’ new HCS hybrid connector is a cost-effective, reliable solution designed for sites using hybrid cable. This new product addition makes RFS the first company to offer a complete set of connector solutions, including ODVA, MPO, among other types, for any site configuration.

Deeply embedded in the telecommunications industry, RFS is fully equipped to provide the wireless world with complete end-to-end infrastructure solutions that can be tailored to meet individual customers’ needs. For example, RFS is developing a distinctive approach for one customer using separate – instead of hybrid ─ cables for DC power and fiber optics. Knowing that regional factors and needs will always vary around the world, the separate approach is a valid alternative to the hybrid solution for customers looking for a simple, cost-efficient FTTA deployment, more typically seen in developing countries.

“RFS has always worked with customers to understand how we can build solutions that make their deployments quicker, more reliable and plug-and-play as possible,” said Rodrigo Oliveira, Global Product Line Director – HYBRIFLEX FTTx Solutions at RFS. “We listened to their needs, and the HCS is the ultimate answer to these calls for help. Different tools are needed for different challenges, and with the newest addition to RFS’s ever-growing FTTA connector portfolio, customers can rest assured that no matter what their FTTA challenges are, RFS will have the perfect tool to help them and provide the high quality of service they have come to expect from us,” he said.