MERIDEN, CT (U.S.), April 26, 2016 — Radio Frequency Systems (RFS),  the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, today announced the availability of a field-installable 4.3-10- style connector as a supplementary offering to the existing factory-fit jumper orientations. The compact RF connectors are the ideal complement to RFS’ industry-leading foam dielectric coaxial cables and feature optimized PIM stability to meet industry demands. The two-piece design inhibits the potential of loose parts and simplifies installation in the field to support mobile operators in their deployment of LTE, 5G and small cell networks.

All RFS cables and connectors are optimized to deliver the highest performance to support wireless network deployments. The connectors were previously available as pre-assembled solder-on Factory-Fit Jumper Cables based on the 4.3-10 standard, but will now be offered in mechanically-attached versions, as well. This ensures that installers can use them in the field at sites where cables are already in place due to renovation work, traditional site rollouts, or through a cable stocking RFS facility.

“RFS has a legacy of providing high-quality, innovative infrastructure products to enable constant network improvements,” said Gerhard Wunder, product manager, RFS. “Our jumpers and connectors allow operators to achieve the highest performance with the new 4.3-10 interface standard and, by offering both the solder-on and the mechanical-fit connectors, we will be able to provide greater flexibility and support even more installations.”

As a progression of RFS’ popular ultra-low PIM OMNI FIT™ connector family, the 4.3-10 connectors similarly provide superior performance under all environmental conditions and feature a five-point watertight interface that eliminates the need for additional sealing. The new connectors support up to 500 watts at 2 GHz and guarantee a stable, premium VSWR, plus outstanding and consistent PIM performance. Coupling torque for these connectors is greatly reduced, so installation can be completed quickly without expensive tools ─ the same preparation tools used for RFS’ standard cables and connectors can be used, so there’s no learning curve. The connectors feature a multi-thread tri-start design that speeds up and simplifies the tightening process, as well.

The connector design is made with a molded polymer claw and has a dual grip on the corrugated outer conductor for superior PIM values. Advantages include flexibility, lightweight design and enhanced stability. Also, the high-tech polymer claw is a low-friction component for easier installation.