New product portfolio: Hummel AG presents cable protection systems

HUMMEL AG launches a new product range with cable protection systems. The new portfolio offers a broad variety with plastic and metal tubes such as the matching fittings.

HUMMEL AG from Denzlingen is bringing a completely new product range with cable protection systems to market. The new portfolio includes numerous types of cable protection conduits and fittings.  The “Poleon” range includes plastic tubing and a wide selection of matching fittings. The “Meleon” and “Pro Meleon” ranges include five types of metal tubing, available in various different sizes. These include PVC-coated variants and models equipped with exterior metal braiding. In addition, each type of tubing comes with matching fittings for every conceivable type of installation.

HUMMEL AG’s new cable protection systems are aimed primarily at industrial users in the fields of mechanical engineering, automation and robotics. In industry, cables and wires are exposed to exceptional loads. Heat and cold, mechanical stress and wear-and-tear can damage cables. This results in malfunctions, production downtime and costly repairs. Cable protection systems prevent wear-and-tear, and increase the service life of cables. In addition to industry applications, there are also several areas of application for cable protection conduits in construction.

Not only do cable conduits protect cables from wear-and-tear, they also increasingly fulfil a regulatory function. Cable conduits allow cables to be clearly bunched and sorted. In this way, fitters can gain an overview of their work, allowing them to carry out installations and repairs efficiently.

To date, HUMMEL AG has been known in the market as a specialist for cable screws and circular connectors. By expanding its portfolio to include cable protection systems, HUMMEL is increasingly converting itself into a complete provider for customers, thus meeting the increasing demand for one-stop shopping.