Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, announced the availability of an exceptionally easy-to-install weatherproofing boot that ensures watertight sealing in the most extreme weather conditions as a result of its sleek, close-fitting design. It also helps protect against other extreme weather conditions including wind-driven rain, freezing temperatures and UV exposure in outdoor installations. The boot is available pre-installed on the jumper or as a kit for field installation. The cost-effective silicone rubber boot can be attached in seconds to provide immediate protection with no additional equipment required.

The new boot is waterproof to IP 66/67/68 ratings to ensure watertight sealing, safeguard connectivity, and reduce potential downtime and associated costs. It can be installed in hot or cold conditions and maintains functionality over the entire temperature range of the jumper. It even can be used to protect other pieces of equipment from sea-salt spray and other known corrosives. RFS warranties the product for ten years, even with extensive exposure to UV or other harsh elements.

The RFS weatherproofing boot can be installed and removed over 10 times to perform tap testing or disconnect equipment without warping or decreasing weatherproofing effectiveness. It has been rigorously tested for stretch and deformation characteristics, and its high-strength silicone rubber material won’t rip or tear during installation or product placement. The boot features a small footprint and compact design for multi-port equipment.

“We are excited to offer RFS’ customers all around the world an extremely easy-to-use, cost-effective boot that will provide almost immediate protection for their jumper connections and help ensure that the performance of their networks will not be brought down by water penetration,” said Eileen Januszkiewicz, product manager, RFS.

The weatherproofing boot is compatible with the entire family of RFS 1/2” jumpers, regardless of cable type. It is a standalone solution for 7-16 smooth connector solutions but also can be used, along with a small adapter, to prevent moisture ingress into a fully-threaded solution. Therefore, the RFS solution can be used universally for all 7-16 DIN connectors/ Remote Radio Heads (RRHs) on the market today.

The RFS weatherproofing boot is readily available with no added lead time. RFS plans to support additional jumper models later this year, including a boot for its Factory-Fit Jumper Cables based on the 4.3-10 standard,