The Group supplied low-voltage and medium-voltage cables for the fashion designer’s space in Milan

Prysmian Group recently signed an agreement with Società Elettromeccanica Galli-Gruppo Eiffage to supply cables to be used in the Armani/Silos exhibition space.

Prysmian will supply medium-voltage power cables with very low emission of smoke and dangerous gases intended for use in electrical systems that require the highest safety standards in the event of a fire, and Afumex cables, which are appropriate for fixed installation on masonry, as well as interior and exterior metal structures. Afumex cables are suited to environments where there is a risk of fires and it is fundamental to ensure personal safety and protect wiring and equipment from corrosive gas damage.

Inaugurated in 2015, the Armani/Silos exhibition space, located in Milan, Via Bergognone 40, is a dynamic, immersive space that illustrates the career of famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani. It is a place in which to design the future, a showcase for new attitudes and lifestyles, capable of epitomising changing times and cultural developments.

“I chose to call it ‘Silos’ because it was used to store cereals, which is essential to life. Like food, clothes are also essential to life,” Giorgio Armani explained. Built in 1950, this space extends over four storeys, with floor space of approximately 4,500 square metres, and hosts an exhibit dedicated to Armani’s 40-year long career.

Antonella Cadoni, Installers and Renewables Sales Manager Italy, commented: “Throughout the world, Armani has always stood for excellence through attention to detail; he is a fashion designer who has always chosen top quality in all of his endeavours. So in creating the place that would tell his story, he also wanted the companies involved in its construction to provide top quality products. Cables are an important product for safety: for Prysmian, being involved in this project is an important recognition of its excellence and quality.”

The Armani/Silos space hosted a team building session of 25 members of the Prysmian Cables and Systems Italy sales force. The objective of this original initiative was to allow sales staff to directly experience the application of the Prysmian Group’s products and get an up-close look at the cables they sell.

The experience was very positive and enthusiastically welcomed by the participants.

Andrea Menna, Sales Manager Elevators, commented: “It was very interesting to see applications of the products supplied by our company on site. This experience allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the T&I business. It was a stimulating experience, to be repeated more often, both to build an increasingly stronger team spirit and to allow the various business units to become familiar with the applications of our products.”

Flavio Delfini, Sales Manager Telecom Solutions, stated: “It was a pleasant opportunity to share the professional experience of our colleagues who were directly involved in supplying the cables. At the same time, we spent an afternoon in a place of elegance and refinement, as conveyed by the garments and the atmosphere that permeates the Museum.”