Prysmian Group has received the notification from SSEN Transmission and National Grid Electricity Transmission plc, the GB electricity transmission network owners, selecting them as the exclusive preferred bidder for the Eastern Green Link 2 (EGL2) cable connection.

Prysmian Group continues the contract negotiations with the aim of concluding the contract in a timely manner.

Eastern Green Link 2 is a planned high voltage direct current (HVDC) submarine and underground cable link of around 500 km route length between Peterhead in Scotland and Drax in the North of England. With a power transmission capacity of 2 GW, the connection is expected to be one of the first cable systems in the UK to utilise 525 kV technology with extruded XLPE insulation.

EGL2 forms part of a series of planned system reinforcements required to increase the capability of the existing UK transmission network and facilitate the growth in flows of renewable generation in the North to demand centres to the South, supporting the target of enabling 50 GW offshore wind generation by 2030 and achieving a Net Zero economy by 2050.

Image source: Courtesy of Prysmian Group

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