Prysmian Group further strengthens its prominent role in the development of power transmission infrastructure in Europe. German grid operator TenneT TSO GmbH confirmed its trust in Prysmian by giving the second 2 GW system as an extension of SuedOstLink worth approximately €700 MLN contract for the development of 546 km of 525kV HVDC underground cable systems. This reaffirms Prysmian`s role in the German HVDC Projects, SuedOstLink, SuedLink and A-Nord, which were already secured by Prysmian for an amount of over €1.5 BLN and that are currently under execution.

Prysmian will supply and install a land system to transport renewable energy from wind farms in northern and eastern Germany to high-consumption cities and factory areas in Germany’s south which is essential for Germany’s energy transition. SuedOstLink consists of two projects – V5 and V5a. Both projects, each with 2GW, will together supply the south of Germany/Bavaria with 4 GW power.

“Following the award of the major portion of the German projects already secured, this extension represents a further development of our longstanding trust and relationship with TenneT, and will set a new benchmark for both the product itself and for EPC know-how in underground cabling,” said Hakan Ozmen, EVP Projects BU, Prysmian Group.

The first 20 km of the around 550 km of cables for the approx. 270 km route of SuedOstLink (V5) were completed and delivered at the beginning of 2022.

The HVDC P-Laser cable used for the project has been developed by Prysmian Group and will be produced in Gron, France, where investment in a new second production line is underway. Network components will be produced in Livorno, Italy, while the fibre optical cable will be made in Slatina, Romania. The P-Laser cable solution offers a power transmission capacity of over 2 GW on a single system and is the first 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, high-performance insulation technology based on HPTE (High-Performance Thermoplastic Elastomer), which cuts CO2 emissions in production by 30%.

Delivery of the cables for V5a is scheduled from 2025 onwards Project V5a will go into operation in 2030. This V5a extension runs parallel to the SuedOstLink corridor V5.

Image source: Courtesy of Prysmian Group

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