Milan, 10 March 2016 – Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, presents its innovative solution to create integrated power-telecom networks. In its R&D laboratories, the Group has developed a new cabling system able to bring power and ultra-broadband voice and data connection into homes. The solution, developed in particular for power utilities, allows both power and an ultra-broadband digital connection up to 1 Gb/second to be delivered by the same cable.

“This is a very important innovation we’re talking about, which represents an extremely effective and efficient solution to offer ultra-broadband connections to a number of users in certain areas, rapidly and at low cost,”  said Marcelo Andrade, R&D Director at Prysmian Group. “Since its creation, Prysmian has been one of the main players involved in the most important innovations in the cable industry, and we’re now proud to offer the result of our efforts in a field that affects the quality of life of all of us.”

The system consists of a cable for the transport of energy, within which fibre optics are inserted, and passive connectivity. The system can also include an active electronic switch to allow transmission of information to the power cabinet and then to the substation, and a component to ensure the ultra-broadband connection.

There are many advantages of the integrated power-telecommunications system. Firstly, there is a strong reduction in network costs and implementation time, as trenching and civil works are reduced and potentially avoided. Then, the systems performance is excellent and can even reach a connection speed of 1 Gb/sec or more, depending on the network configuration.

Prysmian is the worldwide leader in the production of optical cables, producing around 30 million km of optical fibre every year in the five centres of excellence in Italy, France, The Netherlands, North America and Brazil. The Group owns the only European technology for the production of optical fibre and is completing an investment plan of over 100M € with the aim of further improving its competitiveness in the market. The Group has also recently announced the construction of a new factory in Mexico for the production of optical cables.

“Prysmian’s Douvrin factory is the largest factory for the production of optical fibre in Europe, and with our help, we believe Europe can boost its leadership in this strategic and highly technological sector,” said Philippe Vanhille, Executive Vice President Telecom Business at Prysmian Group. “We can offer Europe and the rest of the world our know-how and technologies for ultra-broadband cabling projects, like in Australia where we are helping bring faster and more reliable broadband to 90% of fixed line customers”.

Innovation and efficiency in production processes are the pillars of Prysmian’s competitive strategy in optical fibre. The Group’s most recent innovations include, DrakaElite, the family of fibre dedicated to special applications (medical, maritime, oil and gas sectors), and BendBrightXS 200µm, the new small diameter bend-insensitive fibre. In the system innovation field, the Group is constantly developing new cable and connectivity technologies to bring information wherever it is required.