EVP Energy Francesco Fanciulli: “Our expertise is key to ensuring an integrated power and telecommunication infrastructure to meet the high demand of smart cities”

Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, will give professional insights into future energy and telecommunication solutions at the Smart Cities Conference, organized by the Italian Embassy in Berlin, Germany, that will take place today. The conference will bring together representatives of Italian and German cities with spokespersons from the sector, creative industries and scientific world to discuss smart cities as a sustainable, digital and inclusive model for the development of the intelligent cities of the future. Due to its broad expertise in the field of energy and telecom networks, Prysmian Group has been invited to participate in this forward-looking event. Cables and smart monitoring instruments, in fact, play a key role in this modernization process as they allow to bring together power grids and telecommunication networks into an integrated infrastructure, and therefore enhance environmental sustainability.

In an interesting roundtable session, Francesco Fanciulli, EVP of Prysmian Group’s Energy Business, will focus on the chances and challenges of connectivity and the different infrastructures for mobility and connectivity purposes. Together with further representatives from the industry and scientific world, he will discuss different solutions for cities and municipalities and how future energy and telecommunication networks can be reshaped.

“The smart city concept calls for the deployment of smart grids based on an integrated power and telecommunication infrastructure, which can rely on deep interconnections among the various devices backing the grid and leverages on IoT solutions and innovative sensors enabling an efficient management of the network, while granting an effective ‘assets management’ approach both in terms of predictive maintenance and effective usage,” explained Fanciulli. “Our expertise is key to ensuring an integrated power and telecommunication infrastructure to meet the high demand of smart cities. Our skills in both fields, energy and telecoms, as well as the premium performance and high quality of our innovative cabling solutions, make Prysmian Group the partner of choice for municipalities and cities striving to digitalize.”

Prysmian’s portfolio of products and developments in the smart grids sector focuses mainly around four application areas. Connecting: Prysmian is one of the very few cable makers currently capable of producing “hybrid” cables that combine multiple functions (power, telecommunication, sensing) in a single multi-purpose product. The most noticeable examples include the Prysmian solutions based on the Power Over Ethernet (PoE) and Power Over Fibre (PoF) technical standards, Afumex-DUO and PRY-CAM Cable. Monitoring: among the Group’s developments in the world of assets management and monitoring, the PRY-CAM technology for Partial Discharge (PD) measurement represents a true revolution to help preventing failures and service interruptions, allowing effective maintenance strategies for electrical assets and learning for continuous improvement. Sensing: building on optical fibre and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology, Prysmian has developed products that are able to actively contribute to the monitoring of highly environmentally-sensitive sectors. Active Cables: active cables, like Self-Powered Sensors and Self-Illuminated Cables, are based on energy harvesting devices and represent innovative solutions for highly reliable and efficient cable systems.