Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry and owner of the only European technology for the production of optical fibre, will showcase its latest innovations and discuss its plans for the future at FTTH Conference 2017, taking place February 14-16 in Marseille.

“With the world moving towards a ubiquitous global fibre presence, innovation is key. There are still many new solutions to develop and new channels to markets to emerge, and we are ready to contribute with our best innovative solutions,” said Philippe Vanhille, Senior Vice President of Telecom Business for the Prysmian Group.

Prysmian will be in the spotlight at this year’s conference as it continues to develop and provide cutting edge products to meet the evolving needs of its customers and the telecom cable industry.

As “innovation drivers” of the industry, Prysmian continues to lead the way in ultra-dense cable solutions and its record-breaking cable, FlexTube®, will be officially debuted to the FTTH Council at next week’s event. With 2112 fibres, FlexTube® is the highest fibre count, for a flexible micromodule-based cable, to be installed to date. It is designed to be extremely compact, light-weight and flexible and also much faster to install, enabling service providers to easily deploy record number of fibres in difficult or congested areas.

“As the leaders in the industry of energy and telecom cable systems, we prosper to meet market demand for higher capacity cables. Our aim is not only to advance in providing new innovative cable designs, but to offer a complete network solution, including jointing and connectivity products,” said Vanhille. “We are currently working on creating new, more advanced FTTH technology of the highest quality, with our next challenge to address how we can reduce splicing time and save our customers both time and money.”

“This addition to Prysmian’s manufacturing capabilities confirms our Group’s commitment to become the partner of choice for main telecom operators, supporting them in the realisation of some of their most important projects where quality of products and innovative cabling solutions are fundamental to meet the more and more demanding needs of modern broadband networks” said Vanhille.

Vanhille also highlighted the importance of working in both Telecom and Energy, stating: “Data and energy networks show similar trends, and with telecom devices consuming energy, it is fundamental to note the importance of aligning these two industries. Prysmian is one of the few companies to be leaders in both the Energy and Telecom businesses, which allows us to leverage more and more on synergies between these two, for example with the creation of hybrid cables able to bring both power and telecommunications, or technology for sensors.”

Visitors can learn more about Prysmian’s vision for the future of the telecom industry, at the panel discussions where Philippe Vanhille and Alessandro Pirri, Connectivity & FTTx Director at Prysmian Group, will take part.

Alessandro Pirri will take part in Session 9: “Do it once – do it right! How to choose the best FTTH Solution for your project” at 9:30am on February 16 in Conference Room 3, while Philippe Vanhille will be a panellist on Session 10: “The new European Communications Code: getting regulation and business models right” at 11:30am on February 16 in Conference Room 1.

Prysmian will be exhibiting at FTTH Conference at Stand P02, 14-16 February in Marseille, France.

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