Prysmian Group has won the “Environmental Impact” category by SPIE Sud-Est, a French key customer and partner installation, for its innovative project of the new PV1100 AR-cable.

The PV1100 AR-cable is a low voltage cable designed for connections of photovoltaic fields. Its double insulation and reinforced sheath, while ensuring the cable’s safety allow for the cable’s direct burial without additional mechanical protection. As a result, the adoption of this cable ensures a shorter and easier installation phase, with a reduced environmental impact due to lower material consumption and transportation.

Prysmian Group received the award during the 1st Innovation Challenge ceremony. Created by SPIE Sud-Est Purchasing department, this challenge highlights all new products, concepts or ideas, or product innovations aimed at limiting the product’s environmental impact, or enhancing human safety.

At the first edition, 85 companies competed, 150 innovations were submitted and 10 awards were given in five categories: safety, environmental impact, ease of implementation, technological breakthrough innovation, economic impact. In each category, a distinction was made between SMEs (10 to 250 employees and annual turnover not exceeding €50 million) and large groups (more than 250 employees and annual turnover exceeding €50 million).

Thanks to its new PV1100 AR-cable, Prysmian was selected as the best large group for the “Environmental Impact” category.