With over 52 different Cable Protection systems to choose from, we recognise that Customers can sometimes have too much choice.

We are always on hand to provide guidance and support when it comes to product selection, but to supplement this we have developed a number of web based tools to make it easier for Customers to identify performance characteristics of our products.

Take chemical resistance for example: our Product & Solutions Guide offers 2 selection charts on pages 92 to 95, listing the chemical resistance performances by range. These charts present a lot of information in one place; however this can be difficult to follow. We have therefore adapted this information on our website to make it interactive.

Using drop down boxes, customers can select only the chemicals that their application could be exposed to. This then only presents the resistance against the selected chemicals, making it easier to follow. The returned results also present the option to click through directly to the product pages thus making product selection easier.


Why not try it out now and let us know what you think.