In a significant move to enhance digital connectivity and seismic monitoring in the Pacific region, Prima, in collaboration with Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN), has signed a contract for an unprecedented project: establishing the first SMART cable system. OMS will be responsible for the marine installation of this system, which is set to be deployed and operational in 2026.

This groundbreaking project is set to provide a supplementary telecom cable to New Caledonia, extending to Australia and Fiji, and a vital component in environmental monitoring. Integrating four advanced Climate Change Nodes (CC Nodes) within this submarine cable system will facilitate real-time monitoring of seismic activities and efficient tsunami detection, particularly in the seismically volatile New Hebrides Trench.

This innovative technology promises to revolutionise warning systems throughout the Pacific, enhancing security and preparedness against natural disasters.

Prima would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to key supporters of this project:

  • French Government: For their steadfast support in this venture, showing unwavering commitment and encouragement.
  • Government of Vanuatu: For entrusting Prima with implementing this innovative hybrid cable, a gesture that signifies trust and collaboration.
  • OPT NC: For their invaluable support, especially in relation to the Lifou landing, which has been pivotal in advancing the project.

The announcement of this collaboration marks a significant moment at the prestigious PTC conference. ASN is thrilled and honoured to participate in such a transformative project. ASN also extends its appreciation to the SMART Joint Task Force (JTF), whose consistent support and expertise have been crucial in realising this ambitious project.

More than just an infrastructural advancement, this SMART cable project symbolises the strength of international collaboration in addressing global challenges. By merging telecommunications with environmental monitoring technologies, this endeavour will substantially enhance the safety, connectivity, and scientific insight of the Pacific region.

Image source: Courtesy of ASN

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