Often panel platforms are not really given the awareness they deserve. Panels do not only protect the fiber optic connectors and mount the trunks, their layout is the basis of the handling and the serviceability of a data center cabling infrastructure. It is there, where most of the patching activity takes place. A sophisticated, highly modular and adaptable solution is mandatory for modern data centers. Rosenberger OSI has renewed its existing panel platform based on these considerations and we are proud to present the generation two of the panel platform SMAP: SMAP G2. The major advantage is the modularity: the part front plates, whereof there is a huge variability, can be used in the 1U, 3U and 5U housings – either in vertical or horizontal mount. The granularity of the part front plates allow you to invest as you grow. The depth adjustability of the front of the basic panel renders a general applicability of the solution to all kinds of 19” racks, cabinets or enclosures. If you prefer cassettes instead of part front plates – they are also available. And last but not least the part front plates or cassettes can easily be mounted or removed via quick-fasteners rendering screws or other tools obsolete.
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