ODU, a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing high performance connectors, is now promoting to the US market its advanced ODU MEDI-SNAP® miniature connector solution designed for a wide range of medical, industrial and test & measurement applications.

The German-engineered ODU MEDI-SNAP® is a plastic circular connector with miniature push-pull locking designed for medical, industrial and test & measurement applications.

Available now in 48 hours, this connector solution is valuable for applications such as catheters, defibrillators, inhalation devices, patient monitoring systems, medical hand tools but also wearable computer devices, vibration sensors, hand controllers, power supplies, signal generators, hand held devices and foot switches.

Some additional features of the ODU MEDI-SNAP® include versatile coding possibilities, lightweight and high chemical resistance, 2,000+ mating cycle durability, simple assembly, customizable capabilities, RoHS compliant, touch-proof housing, IP67 rating, and a unique right angle plug option.

Additionally available with multiple coding options through color or keying as well as customized cable assembly integrated solutions. The connectors are also autoclavable and sterilizable.

ODU-USA is vertically integrated and provides in-house molding and custom connector capabilities, cable assembly integrated solutions, competitive lead time, rapid prototyping and product development, local one-on-one engineering support, factory direct.

For more product information go to: http://www.odu-usa.com/products-solutions/push-pull-circular-connectors/odu-medi-snap.html