NL-ix, the Interconnect Exchange, has chosen Tampnet’s low latency route between Amsterdam and Copenhagen utilising the “Cobra” cable landing in Esbjerg, Denmark –cutting the current Round Trip Delay by 36% from 14 ms to 9 ms.

NL-ix distributes 4,76 Tb/s (peak traffic) of Internet traffic via its proprietary network to over 2.400 other providers making its pan-European network an important part of the Internet’s core infrastructure. NL-ix is constantly improving its offering, making it faster, more resilient and more economical.

“We serve the majority of Internet Service Providers in Denmark, and content requested by their users which is not directly available in Copenhagen will come, in many cases, from Amsterdam. We can now deliver that content 36% faster”, said Jan Hoogenboom CEO and founder of NL-ix. “We offer our clients the lowest possible latency and prove it by showing the current Round Trip Times on all links in our network in real-time on our website. By being completely transparent about this, we have opened up the black box that others prefer to keep a lid on.”

“We are very excited to welcome NL-ix as a new customer and help them improve the service they offer their customers. This route between Copenhagen and Amsterdam has been enormously successful since it was launched in 2019 and underscores our development strategy of continuously bringing new, high value and meticulously engineered, routes to the market. Diversity and low-latency are two parameters that our network is designed to support as Nordic data traffic continues to grow”, said Cato Lammenes Managing Director, Tampnet Carrier.

Image source: Courtesy of Tampnet

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