NKT will deliver 1300 km of 20 kV cables to distribution system operator (DSO) Tauron to support a stronger, more robust power grid in Poland.

Renewable power is playing an increasingly important role in Poland’s energy mix with a goal of it making up more than 30% of the country’s energy mix by 2030. This will include a significant increase of installed capacity in solar power of approximately 5-7 GW in 2030 and between 10-16 GW by 2040.To support the green transition in Poland, NKT has been awarded the order to provide 1300 km of 20 kV power cables for reinforcing the power grid operated by Tauron.  

“We are proud to support Poland’s modernisation efforts of their power grids. As they increase their mix of renewable energy and shift towards a smarter and more efficient grid, our power cable solutions play an important role. This is a general trend we are seeing across Europe, which is why we are investing substantially in increasing our medium- and high-voltage power cable capacity to support our customer’s growing demand,” says Carlos Fernandez, EVP of Applications, NKT

To support more renewable power sources, Poland has set ambitious targets to upgrade and modernise its power transmission infrastructure, improve power supply security, and build a more connected and efficient grid to support the country’s future growth. With a view to 2040, Poland aims to have built an almost new power system with a strong base of renewable energy sources.

NKT is pleased to continue its strong collaboration with Tauron and take part in the modernisation of the energy distribution network in southern Poland. With more than 400 employees in Poland, NKT is committed to the country and supporting its power grid upgrade projects.

Source: https://www.nkt.com/
Image source: Courtesy of NKT

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