NKT now offers new long-term storage of spare cable lengths at its high-voltage site in Karlskrona, Sweden. The new solution uses specialised storage baskets and provides easier logistics for its customers and faster mobilisation in case unexpected cable repairs are needed.

The reliability of interconnecting power cable systems is central to the global transition to renewable energy, making speed essential when unexpected cable repair is needed. As a leading provider of power cable service agreements and fast repair operations, NKT now introduces a new cable storage solution for submarine power cables providing an even shorter response time.

With the new solution, NKT can store spare lengths of specific power cable connections at the high-voltage site in Karlskrona, Sweden, enabling faster mobilisation for potential repair operations. In addition, NKT offers the new service at its site in Eemshaven, Netherlands.

“We see a growing demand for quick responses in case of emergencies, and with the upgraded storage solutions, we now provide even faster mobilisation to our customers,” says Axel Barnekow Widmark, Executive Vice President and Head of Service at NKT.

As part of the new solution, NKT stores the spare cable parts in a customised basket ensuring long-term protection from environmental influences. This solution is more cost-efficient compared to a turntable and requires minimum maintenance.

BritNed, the company operating the interconnector between the UK and the Netherlands of the same name, is the first company to use the new storage solutions. In 2022, NKT produced spare lengths of the 450 kV HVDC interconnector and used the cable vessel NKT Victoria to transport the cable from the factory into the basket.

“The new solution eases the logistics and can save time in case an unplanned repair is needed. We feel that the cable is in good hands and have been satisfied with the process from planning to production and handling of the new spare cable for BritNed,” says Dennis Stufkens, Operations Director at BritNed.

With this extension of the service portfolio, NKT extends its portfolio of storing agreements and inventory management, providing the potential for even faster cable repairs when required.

Source: https://www.nkt.com/
Image source: Courtesy of NKT

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