NKT has accumulated unmatched operational experience and track record by operating NKT Victoria since 2017. The company remains committed to maintain her market-leading position by enhancing its capabilities, efficiency, and reliability with continuous technical upgrades.

With increased cable load capacity, improved station keeping and added installation capabilities, NKT Victoria continues to be a leading cable-laying vessel (CLV) in the offshore market. Since her maiden voyage in 2017, NKT Victoria has installed high-voltage power cable systems across Europe, establishing herself as a key asset for NKT. The recent upgrades to this purpose-built cable-laying vessel were prompted by growing market demand and customer requirements.

“NKT Victoria, her skilled crew and our engineers consistently deliver outstanding results, earning high satisfaction from our customers. With these recent technical enhancements, we maintain her position at the forefront of energy efficiency and operational accuracy. The continued upgrades are extending our in-house installation capabilities, preparing to meet future demands for efficient and reliable execution,” says Darren Fennell, Executive Vice President and Head of HV Solutions in Karlskrona.

Since 2017, NKT Victoria has set new industry standards for energy efficiency and operational technologies, ensuring unprecedented precision during cable laying. To minimise her carbon footprint, NKT Victoria utilises power-from-shore during cable loading, along with onboard technologies like Azipod propulsion units, energy storage system and ABB Marine’s Onboard DC Grid. These features significantly reduce fuel consumption. Additionally, in 2023, she obtained certification to operate using the biofuel hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), further decreasing her offshore operations’ environmental impact.

NKT is currently expanding its fleet by adding a second cable-laying vessel, NKT Eleonora, to meet the growing demand for offshore power cable solutions. NKT Eleonora is scheduled to become operational in 2027.

Key upgrades:

  • Increased load capacity: 11,000 tons (confirmed by DNV) from the previous 9,000 tons
  • Improved positioning with an additional Azimuth retractable thruster placed in the middle of the hull
  • Elevated Horizontal Lay System (EHLS) customised for design for installation of dynamic power cables from NKT Victoria
  • Integrated Jet Plough enabling reliable simultaneous laying and burial operations
  • Certified for operating on the biofuel hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) since 2023

Source: https://www.nkt.com/
Image source: Courtesy of NKT

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