Stokab, the Swedish telecom operator has awarded Nexans its first order for an Automated Optical Distribution Frame (AODF) following a successful year-long field trial in Stockholm, Sweden. The AODF will be used to facilitate remote controlled patching to support and improve Stokab’s hot spot communication business, which enables TV and radio broadcasters to transmit high bandwidth communication over optical fiber from almost 30 locations in Stockholm to their studios.

Nexans to deliver robotic fiber optic connection solution for Stokab in Sweden

The innovative AODF has been developed to drive the global roll out of state of the art fiber optic telecommunication networks. It enables remote and fully automatic optical patching and testing. Its sophisticated, but very simple to use software, arranges patching by a robot based hardware within minutes compared to sending technicians to sites in the busy Stockholm traffic.

The AODF provides a secure and reliable cross connection at the first physical layer in the fiber-optic network, with the patch-cord connector always installed in the right socket. Remote operation via a web interface eliminates routine site visits by technicians for network reconfiguration, cutting service times and costs. Testing can also be carried out remotely during low-traffic periods, such as at night, and in case of network failure it allows for a shorter mean-time-to-repair (MTTR).

Lars Josefsson, Sales & Marketing Director – D&I, Telecom and Utilities at Nexans said, “Nexans is since 20 years a proud supplier of optical fibre ribbon slotted core cables and related hardware to Stokab, which owns and operates the largest open and independent dark fiber network in the world. Nexans has continuously brought new solutions to the market and the AODF is yet a new important object in a large dark fiber network. The AODF is brought to the market in a partnership between Nexans and TeliSwitch Solution.”

“We constantly try to improve our offerings to our customers. With the AODF-robot, from Nexans, we are now able to offer dark fibre connections in a minute to a variety of selected locations” Staffan Ingvarsson, Stokab’ Chief Executive Officer.

Further information about AOFD is available from this short video presentation