CNRS, France’s National Centre for Scientific Research and Nexans have signed a framework agreement to continue their existing relationship. The two organisations share patents built up over several years working together. This partnership is part of the Nexans’ goal to provide sustainable energy and data solutions needed by a growing population which is more and more conscious about environmental issues.

Nexans and CNRS will focus on developing infrastructure for energy transmission and distribution, superconducting systems, storage and protection, and components for industry and nuclear power. Also, as part of the partnership, Nexans and CNRS will focus on energy transition, mobility and the rise of data traffic.

Nexans will bring its experience in four key markets: power transmission and distribution, energy resources, transportation and building, as well as its strong focus on research and development. The projects will be carried out by CNRS’ associate laboratories in close collaboration with Nexans R&D teams and will cover in particular, research topics related to electronics, chemistry and physics. .

Pierre Kayoun, Corporate VP Innovation and Technology at Nexans, said, “Nexans is pleased to have formalised a relationship which goes back several years. We both share a passion for innovation and creating solutions to community benefit. The partnership will help further our shared goals.”