Nexans will work in consortium with Tesmec Australia for the connection of a major solar farm at Glenrowan to the Victorian Transmission Network. With this contract, Nexans is positioned as a key partner for delivering this turnkey project connecting the solar farm to the Glenrowan terminal station (GNTS) of the Victoria Transmission network and ensuring access to sustainable electricity to over 45,000 Australian homes.

  • Nexans will partner with Tesmec Australia to connect a major Glenrowan solar farm to the Victorian Transmission Network. 
  • Nexans will provide cable and accessories, installation and design services to power over 45,000 Australian homes.
  • A key player in the energy transition across Australia and internationally, Nexans is supplying specialised cable solutions for the rapidly expanding MW scale solar industry.

Greg Stack, Nexans Asia Pacific Vice President for Building and Territories Southern, noted: “This Glenrowan project illustrates perfectly how Nexans can work closely with partners to create value for its customers. By featuring mechanised cable installation rather than conventional methods, our unique Nexans-Tesmec turnkey design solution can help make the solar projects more competitive and reduce project costs and lead-time.

As the state-of-the-art partner and a leader in energy transition to renewable energy, Nexans will play a decisive role in providing the expertise and infrastructure to deliver the project. Solar energy is clean, secure, and an abundant form of renewable energy. This project is a great illustration of our unwavering commitment to electrifying the future and accelerating decarbonization.”

Image source: Courtesy of Nexans

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