Nexans is pioneering a step-change in the renewables industry as wind farm operators switch to higher voltage inter-array networks that boost their output capacity while utilising cost-effective, robust and easy to install cable systems. the new 72.5 kv accessories complement the previous development of nexans’ high-voltage inter-array cables.

Paris, June 30, 2016 – Nexans is launching a new range of cable and power accessories to meet the growing demand for higher capacity windfarms. The new generation of power accessories with F-type outer cone comprising separable T-connectors, coupling connectors and surge arresters has been developed to operate at 72.5 kV.

To transmit the increased power between each individual turbine and collection platforms efficiently, Nexans has created inter-array cable systems able to operate at 72.5 kV instead of the traditional 36 kV. Transformer and switchgear OEMs have upgraded their designs to take into account the higher voltage.

As renewable energy becomes more prevalent, economic power supply becomes more and more important. There is now  a new common standard for offshore wind connection systems up to 72.5 kV.

The standardized interface between power accessories and equipment bushings is a first in the field of this voltage class. Unlike traditional connection solutions, separable, compact T-shape connectors offer many advantages. The outer cone standard allows several combinations of cable arrangements such as single connection, double connector arrangement with coupling connector, double connector arrangement with surge arrester.

All of Nexans power accessories up to 72.5 kV are type tested according to IEC 60840. Equipment bushings by EUROMOLD® are additionally type tested according to IEC 60137. Both, separable connectors and bushings are tested according to IEC 60068 successfully (solar radiation IEC 60068-2-5 and salt mist IEC 60068-2-52).

All kits of Nexans connectors, terminations and joints include conductor contacts use patented GPH® mechanical connection technology, which is type tested according IEC 61238-1. GPH® mechanical connectors and cable lugs have been in use for 25 years. They are compatible with aluminum and copper conductors of the most designs. An innovative system of patented shear-off-head bolts ensures easy installation and the stability of electrical connections.