Cimteq, the leading software provider to the global wire and cable manufacturing industry, has released a white paper entitled: Profitable Wire & Cable Operations.  

The paper, written by industry expert Bill Pearson, highlights examples of best practices that, if applied, would have a positive impact on profitability. It also outlines a roadmap for the application of digital tools and systems that together create strategic, competitive advantage from operations and ensure a timely payback.

Bill Pearson said: ‘If the desired profitability is to be achieved consistently, the seamless integrations of product design and effective operational management should be a prerequisite for any plant. Digital tools such as CableBuilder Enterprise allow for faster more accurate designs and quotations, and the highly efficient operational processes achieved by implementing CableMES enable informed business decision making, planning and estimating.’

Furthermore, the paper addresses the need to create an effective competitive strategy and a robust marketing strategy whilst optimising supply chain opportunities.

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