Cimteq, the leading software provider to the global wire and cable manufacturing industry, has released a new White Paper entitled: CableMES – The Smart Choice for Wire and Cable Manufacturers.

This White Paper highlights that it is now more important than ever that wire and cable manufacturers have access to the intelligence they need to future proof their business.

Having created the unique CableMES (Manufacturing Executing System) specifically for use in the design and manufacture of wires and cables, Cimteq helps manufacturers maximise plant production, improve product quality, reduce inventory, and ensure on-time delivery.

The unrivalled CableMES system provides an almost immediate return on investment, and enables manufacturers to monitor, control and execute real-time cable production. Furthermore, CableMES ensures CEOs and CFOs have the assurance that business-critical decisions are being supported by the most robust data available.

Matt Rowlands, CableMES Product Owner at Cimteq said:

“We are best placed to understand the complexities of the wire and cable environment. Together with one of the world’s best-known automation software providers, Wonderware from AVIVA, Cimteq has applied its 23-year pedigree to developing CableMES.

“An MES bespoke to wire and cable manufacture requirements presents a significant step-change in manufacturing. This powerful vehicle for business process affords continuous improvement throughout the manufacturing value chain”.

Online demonstrations of CableMES are available now. Visit

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Image source: Courtesy of Cimteq

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