Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, has released a new video that showcases Siemon’s comprehensive WheelHouse® advanced data centre solutions designed to support any size and type of data centre, from large hyper scale computing environments and colocations, to small-to-mid size enterprise data centres.

Utilising 3D graphics and computer-generated imagery, the new video serves as a visual tool to highlight Siemon’s wide range of data centre solutions, including end-to-end copper and fibre cabling systems, the LightStack® ultra high-density plug and play fibre system, innovative LC BladePatch®, high speed interconnect assemblies, data centre cabinets, V-Built™ preconfigured cabinets, PowerMax™ PDUs, Automated Infrastructure Management solutions and how these are all supported by Siemon’s comprehensive data centre design services.

The video also explains how WheelHouse takes advantage of Siemon’s innovative data centre solutions to speed deployment, improve scalability, enhance manageability and increase efficiency. Combined with Siemon’s expert data centre design services and industry-leading support this helps customers optimise their data centres. This includes demonstrating how VersaPOD® data centre cabinets with shared connectivity, patching and power in the Zero-U space between bayed cabinets can reduce stranded power outlets by 75% and deliver an overall cost savings of at least 46% compared to traditional server cabinets. It also demonstrates how V-Built preconfigured data centre cabinets that are preloaded with Siemon components arrive onsite ready to install active equipment. Deploying V-Built reduces labour and time required to go live by as much as 30% while easing scalability, optimising performance and significantly reducing onsite packaging and waste.

‘Siemon’s WheelHouse is a comprehensive ecosystem of advanced solutions that help improve scalability, speed of deployment and manageability in the data centre space’, explains Daniel Vout, sales and marketing manager for Europe, Russia and Africa at Siemon. ‘We believe that a demonstration in the form of a short video is the best way to fully convey the capabilities and the benefits this solution set can bring to an organisation. Seeing is believing’, he concludes.

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