Belden Inc. brings three product line expansions to market in Q3 2020 that support applications calling for safe transmission of data and power, as well as fiber projects with high bandwidth needs.

Significantly reduce installation time with Belden’s Copper-Fiber Hybrid Cables, which require only one cable to safely transmit data and power across long distances for applications such as passive optical networks (PON) and distributed antenna systems (DAS). The cables are ideal for remote locations where standard power is unavailable or too costly – and Power over Ethernet (PoE) is unable to reach. In addition to indoor and indoor/outdoor breakout (3 mm), distribution cables (plenum and riser-rated) and AIA (aluminum interlocked armor), the line now includes indoor distribution riser cable and indoor/outdoor distribution riser cable.

Deliver power to applications that PoE and remote DC powering can’t support due to distance limitations. To achieve even higher power levels over longer distances, 14 AWG Digital Electricity Cable is now available to carry 2,000W of DE power up to 750 ft or 100W up to 6,000 ft. Other product line additions include Digital Electricity Cables with a UL Listing, an LSZH option and wet location ratings for indoor/outdoor cables. For better protection against water in below-grade, in-conduit applications, a water-blocking tape is also available.

Belden’s FiberExpress ECX Pigtail Splice Cassettes are now available in preloaded six- and 12-port LC Duplex configurations. They include pre-routed 250 µm color-coded pigtails for individual fiber splicing or can be ribbonized for mass fusion splicing. The splice cassettes also include a splice holder and splice protectors for individual fiber splicing. ECX Pigtail Splice Cassettes support greater bandwidth needs and allow for increased fiber deployment inside and between buildings.

Resolving signal transmission needs with IP- and legacy-based solutions that enable a smooth migration to convergence requires a universal approach for enterprise environments. Only Belden’s innovative enterprise connectivity solutions take this universal approach. Belden’s extensive portfolio spans LAN, data centers, building automation and security and access control to keep information running smoothly. Outstanding global service and support capabilities and application-specific warranty programs complete Belden’s unique offering.


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