Hummel AG presents the service case for heating renovations:

Engineers will be ready for any installation conditions with the HUMMEL service case. All the different steel pipe adapters you need are presented in a manageable way, ready for use on-site.

These days, you no longer have to weld or cut threads when replacing a radiator. With a suitable steel pipe adapter, fitting a radiator is an easy, safe and, above all a clean, job. The steel pipe adapter is simply placed over the dirt-free pipe and pulled tight. This works even in the tightest spaces and under the most difficult of installation conditions.

The HUMMEL service case for radiator fitting is something quite new. The case comes equipped with all versions and sizes of steel pipe adapters, in a manageable presentation. There are versions for fittings with a Eurocone, inner or outer threads. This means the engineer always has the version required to hand, and is ready for any set of installation circumstances found on-site. This saves time and long walks between the site and the service vehicle.

There are 11 versions and sizes of the HUMMEL steel pipe adapter. One real hallmark is the EPDM seal combined with a stainless steel clamp. This means the adapter delivers extremely high holding power when tightened. The steel pipe adapter is designed to withstand pressure of up to 10 bar, and an operating temperature of up to 120 degrees Celsius.