A new portfolio of innovative cabling solutions will set a new benchmark for the oil & gas industry, as HUBER+SUHNER targets to address key safety, efficiency and delivery challenges for onshore and offshore applications.

Four new RADOX® OFL™ cable solutions will be launched over the next 18 months, tackling critical demands in offshore cabling that will save space, reduce costs and decrease CO2 footprints significantly.

The RADOX® OFL™ cable portfolio enables the offshore industry to reduce cable weight on a platform by up to 50 percent, thereby potentially saving offshore facilities several hundreds of thousands of dollars in structural construction costs.

All the cables feature a lightweight, compact design that is significantly more flexible than conventional cables, enabling tight bending where space is critical. Additionally, RADOX® OFL™ cables feature a thinner cable wall which reduces stripping time by up to 50%, making installation easier and quicker. The cable’s lifecycle is ten times longer as the core and sheath can withstand up to 125°C, compared to only 90oC for conventional cables. This delivers significantly improved Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – a critical factor for the oil & gas industry.

Frank Thorn, Vice President Process Industries at HUBER+SUHNER, said: “The RADOX® OFL™ cables utilise our unique e-beam crosslink technology for instrumentation, databus, fiber optical, and RF/Coax cables. They have been developed with safety and efficiency at their core and represent the most significant breakthrough in the cable technology within the oil & gas industry in 30 years.”

RADOX® OFL Instrumentation cables and the RADOX® OFL™ RF cables are available now. The next additions to the series – RADOX® OFL™ CAT5e/6/7 cables and RADOX® OFL™ FO cables – will be released in 2023 to complete the full RADOX OFL™ offering.

HUBER+SUHNER has used RADOX® technology successfully since the 1970s to achieve notable improvements in the cable insulation material’s thermal, mechanical and chemical properties. The technology has been used in railway, aerospace, defence and other industrial applications and has made significant strides in setting new standards of high-quality connectivity performance in various industries worldwide.

Source: https://www.hubersuhner.com/
Image source: Courtesy of HUER+SUHNER

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