NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and process control solutions, recently delivered the latest Beta LaserMike measurement technology to the new Prysmian Group Manufacturing Academy in Mudanya, Turkey for the precision measurement of high-performance energy cables. This new center of excellence will use the Beta LaserMike measurement technology to strengthen the manufacturing skills of its employees and to build a strong manufacturing community.

“Cable manufacturers today face a number of production challenges involving quality and cost reduction, such as reducing downtime by increasing plant and personnel efficiencies, minimizing material usage, and increasing process capabilities and production throughput,” says Stefano Cicetti, EMEA Sales Director for NDC’s line of Beta LaserMike products. “The Beta LaserMike products we provided for the new manufacturing academy allows Prysmian personnel to train on the industry’s latest precision measurement technology. We will also share our knowledge and applications expertise to reinforce best technical practices. These manufacturing skills will enable Prysmian to develop higher quality products faster and deliver more value to customers and the industry.”

The Beta LaserMike measurement technology at the new Prysmian Manufacturing Academy includes:

  • AccuScan 6000 Series — the industry’s only four-axis scanning diameter and ovality gauge, providing the highest accuracy to ensure cable products meet the tightest design and quality specifications
  • LN3000 Series – three-axis lump and neckdown gauge that quickly, reliably detects and locates product flaws before they become costly production problems for maximum quality control
  • LaserSpeed® – non-contact gauge that measures the length and speed of moving products with laser precision for significant quality, productivity and manufacturing savings

Prysmian is proud of their new manufacturing academy in Mudanya. It is truly one of the industry’s most progressive manufacturing training centers, alongside one of Prysmian’s largest and most efficient global production facilities.

“As Prysmian, we are aware about the importance of the relationship between supplier and end user,” says Mr. Halil Kongur, Factory Director & Chairman for Turk Prysmian Kablo ve Sistemleri A.S., Turkey. “In our cable business, the tight contact is a must to achieve the best result in quality, efficiency and satisfaction of customers. We work very closely with NDC’s Beta LaserMike Products management and feel very familiar in each opportunity. We are sure that we are using the latest technology in measuring equipment and staying up to date on any improvements. The Beta LaserMike Products team supports our Manufacturing Academy with several measurement technologies, showing a conformity of our enforced relation.”

Mr. Cicetti adds “Our partner in Turkey ‘D Temsilcilik’ was instrumental in forming this relationship with Prysmian. We’re honoured to be part of Prysmian’s new and progressive manufacturing center of excellence.”

About NDC Technologies and Beta LaserMike Products

NDC Technologies develops and produces a wide range of process measurement and control instrumentation for a broad scope of manufacturing industries. The company is part of Spectris plc, a leading supplier of productivity enhancing instrumentation and controlsThe Beta LaserMike line of measurement and controls solutions from NDC is designed to increase productivity, improve product quality and reduce manufacturing costs. These solutions provide in-process dimensional monitoring, control and sample/part inspection of products for wire and cable, fiber optics, metals, rubber and plastic, flat rolled goods, tube and pipe, and other manufactured goods. Every system is backed by NDC’s world-class service and support organization. With offices around the globe, NDC is committed to serving the unique measurement application needs of customers.


To learn more, please visit www.ndc.com/betalasermike.