For high oscillating and shock loads

As one of the leading companies in the development and manufacture of connector, Binder stands for the highest level of quality, dependability and responsibility toward employees, customers and service providers. Our orientation is on customer requests and we develop, construct and produce the right solutions for our customers. Because our product are the main focus of our business, we continue to develop our products further at all times.

In the area of automation technology, Binder offers protection class IP67 and IP68 sensor connectors in shieldable and non-shieldable designs. These connectors have a compact construction and are available as cable connectors, integrated connectors and panel mount connectors. We are now offering an M12 cable connector with CRIMP connection as a new product. Because M12 screwed connectors are less suitable for applications with high vibrations, the crimping technology now creates a product that can withstand these conditions. The crimped connection guarantees a secure connection with high vibration and shock loads. The advantage of the crimp connection is the gas-tight connection that ensures low contact resistance even under extreme loads. Another advantage is the processing of the contacts outside of the connector and later latching during the assembly process.

The assembly requires conventional crimp tools and crimp machines that are used to crimp the turned contacts onto the wires of the cable. Initially, they are available with diameters ranging from 0.34 to 0.5 mm². A synthetic slider to hold the contacts was integrated in the contact carrier for female cable connectors. The connector can only be mounted when this slider is closed.

Special features

  • Secure connection with high vibration and shock loads
  • Gas-tight connections for extreme loads and low contact resistance
  • Working with conventional crimp tools and machines
  • Contacts are available in diameters ranging from 0.34 to 0.5 mm²
  • Female cable connectors with integrated synthetic slider in the contact carrier
  • Assembly with closed slider only
  • With the cable plug connector, the contact spring latches in the contact carrier

Do you have any questions?

Our agents are available at any time. Beginning in September 2015, you can order the M12 cable connectors with crimp connection from us. We look forward to hearing from you (http://www.binder-!