OSCEOLA, WI. – April 20 2016 – Custom cable assemblies for the life sciences engineered by cable manufacturer, Northwire, Inc., (NWI) and precision cable connector leader LEMO  were featured among Medtec’s most recent innovations and technology within medical device design and medical manufacturing at its April 2016 Europe show.

Addressing the highly specialized considerations necessary for connectivity within the life sciences, LEMO’s new addition to the lightweight REDEL plastic Push-Pull connector series and Northwire’s robust USP Class VI silicone cable alternative, BioCompatic and BioCompatic II, are ideally suited to be paired together for an integrated medical cable assembly solution and were exhibited at Medtec 2016.

The REDEL SP connector’s patented internal push-pull latching system embedded in the shell offers both increased durability and very high contact density. With its proprietary sulfone construction, the REDEL SP connector stands up to extensive sterilization cycles, offers multiple contact configurations, and a variety of colors supporting ease in visual identification and avoidance of cross mating.  The specially designed ergonomic grip within the shell allows surgeons and medical staff to easily mate and align the connections making the LEMOREDEL SP connectors an ideal solution for medical connector or measurement applications.

A cost-effective and USP Class VI alternative to silicon jacketed cable, BioCompatic was engineered by Northwire specifically to eliminate the extended curing process for silicon cable and incorporate improvements including robust resistance to chemicals, cuts, and abrasion.

Maintaining the advantages of traditional silicone cable including biocompatibility and sterilization resistance, BioCompatic provides an ideal medical cable solution as well as a quality cable assembly for diverse industrial cable and energy cable applications and more.

Northwire’s newly launched second generation BioCompatic IImedical device cable engineered with a softer durometer to specifically provide increased flexibility, maximum glide, and robust resistance to chemicals, cuts, crush, and abrasion, was unveiled at Medtec 2016. (Click to download the BioCompatic white paper.)

BioCompatic II optimizes end-user experience by reducing cable tackiness and ensuring the smoothest device for patient and practitioner interaction.

Building upon the strengths of the original, BioCompatic II maintains:

• Optimal biocompatibility within a USP Class VI, ISO 10993-5, REACH and RoHS2 compliant custom cable silicone alternative

• Complete compatibility with LEMO’s REDEL Series Connectors

• Custom design-to-ship in 5 days or fewer services ensure rapid technological development compared to lead times from silicone OEMs which are typically 8 to 12 weeks

• Cost savings as BioCompatic eliminates an extra stage of production and associated equipment and curing catalysts associated with silicone cable

• Design and engineering to optimize torque-ability and retractable cable capabilities

• Extreme engineering capabilities for applications in life sciences, industrial, energy, aerospace and defense featuring signal, control, power, and instrumentation, BioCompatic is also ideally suited for hybrid fiber optic applications

• Tear strength and resistance to chemicals, cut and abrasion, boasting a brittle point of -80⁰C and a high-temperature rating of 105⁰C

LEMO and Northwire together provide fully integrated custom connectors and cable assembly solutions. True to form, Northwire’s BioCompatic and BioCompatic II silicone cable alternatives are ideally suited for use with LEMO’s lightweight & resilient REDEL® series of medical connectors.

To learn more about integrated medical cable assembly and medical connector solutions, connect with the Customer Care TEAM at 800.468.1516, CableInfo_Northwire@lemo.com, or via live chat.