Datwyler Cabling Solutions has added two innovative components to its “Datwyler Data Centre Solution” fibre optic system: Breakout plug-in modules and converter plug-in modules.

The breakout plug-in modules are available for OM3, OM4 and OS2 with LCQ, LCD, MTP and E2000 adapters. Rear radius limiters, orderly cable management and integrated retaining clipspermit safe and simple handling of pre-assembled fibre optic cables without imposing any strain on the adapters in the front panel.

The converter plug-in modules, also available for OM3, OM4 and OS2, have two rear 12-fibre MTP couplers and take these 24 fibres to three 8-fibre MTP ports at the front of the module via an integrated fanout. This allows full use to be made of a previously installed 24-fibre cable or even two 12-fibre cables of equal length for three 40G links, three NG 100G links or three 64G FC links.

High manufacturing quality ensures that the new plug-in modules provide optimum optical performance values (IL/RL).

You can find the data sheets here.