Data communication is becoming increasingly important in the digitizing world. At the same time, a smooth data and energy transfer gets even more importance. Leoni meets this demand with the latest generation of bus busses for fieldbus Ethernet and this according to the ASi-5 standards.

Two wires, but only one cable – the Actuator Sensor Interface system transfers data and energy at the same time, connecting actuators and lower-level sensors to the higher-level Ethernet-based layer. At the same time, the profiled design of the ASi-5 allows easy and flexible installation, with no polarity reversal. The freely selectable topology simplifies system expansion with full backward compatibility. In addition, the transmission quality can be checked at any time by the integrated IO-Link diagnostic channel, which transmits diagnostic data in parallel to the process data. The latest Leoni AS-Interface cables offer more power and are already up to the future IIoT requirements.

The new ASi-5 standard                                                

According to the new ASi-5 standards, the shuttle bus of up to 96 users can be used at the same time, providing 96 x 16 safe inputs and outputs. At the same time, a data width of 16 bits is transferred to four times shorter cycle times of 1.2 ms.

The ASi-5 requires no plug-in connection for data and energy transfer, because piercing technology allows components to be easily exchanged or moved without great planning effort and without complex calculations. This makes the installation flexible and lowers engineering costs.

Leoni as manufacturer of AS-Interface cables

Leoni is a member of the AS-International Association eV with its Automation & Drives business unit and offers AS-Interface cables according to customer requirements. It can be chosen between the versions 2 x 1.5 mm² and 2 x 2.5 mm² and different jacket materials. The materials available include, for example, FRNC, EPDM, TPU, TPE and PVC, depending on the application and individual needs. At the SPS smart production solutions 2019 trade fair, the company will be presenting the products in Hall 2, Booth 230. 

Leoni manufactures the ASi-5 cables to the highest quality standards as components for automation systems and provides the product with a decisive means for the data communication of the future.

Image source: Courtesy of Leoni

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