The electricity transmission line connecting Megalopoli with Patras and Western Central Greece (the so-called “Western Corridor”) was put into full operation by IPTO. This project marks a new era for the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System and Peloponnese as the region is first connected to the Extra High Voltage System (400kV), ensuring its energy security and alleviating congested regional networks.

The “Western Corridor” project consists of overhead and underground transmission lines and includes a 400kV Extra High Voltage dual-circuit submarine interconnection installed between Rio and Antirio. Until now, the Peloponnese system was operated at voltage of 150kV and thus having lower power carrying capacity, being an exception compared to the rest of the mainland.

Hellenic Cables undertook the design, manufacturing, installation, protection and connection of submarine and land cable systems, with total length of 18 km. The 400kV Extra High Voltage submarine cables were manufactured at Hellenic Cables’ submarine cable plant in Corinth, Greece, while the land cables were manufactured at Hellenic Cables’ plant in Thiva.

This emblematic project is pivotal for the expansion of the 400kV transmission system of Greece, as it supports utilisation of the potential energy production at the region, enhances the power transmission capacity to and from Peloponnese while supporting the functionality and security of the Southern System.

Mr. Kostas Savvakis, General Manager of Hellenic Cables stated: “We are very pleased to have contributed to this important project for Greece which upgrades the electrical infrastructure of the country and enhances its energy security. Hellenic Cables continues supporting IPTO in the realisation of its grid modernisation vision, and we would like to thank IPTO for the ongoing trust shown to us all these years.”

Image source: Courtesy of Hellenic Cables

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