NASH Maritime has been appointed to undertake the navigation risk assessment for the proposed offshore HVDC transmission connection between Spittal and Peterhead.

The Spittal to Peterhead HVDC Project is a 2GW transmission reinforcement. It is part of the Pathway to 2030 Holistic Network Design (HND), which is being delivered through the Ofgem Accelerated Strategic Transmission Investments (ASTI) framework.

NASH Maritime is part of the project marine team led by MarineSpace to identify, assess, evaluate and propose controls/mitigations for any shipping and navigation risks or impacts associated with the initial proposed corridors for the subsea power cable. The data will be used for detailed engineering and environmental assessment of potential cable routes with the corridor.

Jamie Holmes, NASH Project Director, said: “We’re delighted to be appointed as the shipping and navigation specialist advisor to this project.

“Together with our extensive experience and expertise in cable assessments, we’re familiar with the region and local stakeholders, having undertaken a range of assessments for other developments in the area across multiple sectors.

“To undertake the navigation risk assessment, we will combine our specialist knowledge and practical experience of maritime risk with our advanced data processing and analysis skills”.

Image source: Courtesy of NASH Maritime

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