Molex will display its innovative, diverse portfolio of RF/Microwave connectors and cable assemblies in booth 1911 at the IEEE 2016 International Microwave Symposium (IMS), to be held May 22 – 27 at The Moscone Center in San Francisco. Molex develops and delivers integrated RF/Microwave solutions for multiple industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, medical, instrumentation, telecom and wireless.

Molex products highlighted at the show include more than 90 RF connector interface types. The product and application portfolio includes Temp-Flex® specialty wire and cable products and the SDP Telecom product portfolio, which ranges from complex surface-mount passive microwave structures to sophisticated sub-assemblies and integrated subsystems. As a result, applications featured at the show range from I/O to radar, automotive, specialty cable, and cellular communications.

“Molex is developing new, innovative ways to bring next-generation solutions to our customers,” said Darren Schauer, product manager, Molex. “We have developed cutting edge technology and made strategic RF/Microwave acquisitions, allowing us to deliver solutions that feature high performance, design flexibility and excellent value.”

Molex products on display at IMS will include:

  • Multi-Port 50 and 75 ohm connectors are offered in several configurations to provide a solution for multiple RF channel applications. The connectors can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. The Multiport RF series (MPRF series) offers the perfect size for any application where features such as package size, quality, low loss, VSWR, and ganged mating are critical.
  • Temp-Flex® Foam-Core Ultra-Low-Loss Coaxial Microwave Cable, which provides both customized and off-the-shelf options. The cable combines space savings with an effective dielectric that eliminates “phase knee” and provides ease of termination. Temp-Flex Foam-Core cable achieves 80% velocity of propagation (VOP), allowing it to deliver reliable signal performance and lower loss characteristics than air-enhanced PTFE cable.

In addition to these products, Molex will highlight its range of SMPM and SMP RF Connectors, focusing on high-density, high-frequency solutions with tight board-to-board spacing. “We are also focusing on Dual and Quad FAKRA RF Connector Systems,” Schauer added. “They provide additional density compared to standard, individually soldered FAKRA systems.”

SDP Telecom, a Molex company, will focus on its diverse range of Radio Link/Backhaul products; passive and active RF components and sub-systems for all cellular air interfaces; and DAS components and subsystems.

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